Do you want to raise awareness about Jewish genetics in your community? Are you a Jewish professional, an educator, or a volunteer leader?  

If so, the new Jewish Genetics Curriculum Kit is for you. 

You can teach—and learn—about Jewish genetics using the slide presentations, lesson plans, and activities in the curriculum kit. This kit can be used in various settings: virtual or in-person, formal or informal, Jewish or secular, for youth or adults. 

The free kit has two parts:

Youth Curriculum 

Adult Curriculum 

If you are interested in running a class or program about Jewish genetics but not sure where to start, please contact the Norton & Elaine Sarnoff Center for Jewish Genetics at or 312-357-4718. 

Planning for a Family?

Our affordable, accessible carrier screening program allows most participants to get screened from home.

Concerned About Cancer Risk?

We offer guidance on hereditary cancer risk assessments and information about where to get counseling and screening.