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From educational events and stories to resources for medical professionals and for teaching Jewish genetics, find everything you need to know about Jewish genetic disorders and hereditary cancers right here.

Family Health History

Knowing your family health history can help you understand whether you may be at increased risk for hereditary cancers or for passing on certain conditions to your children.

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Teach Jewish Genetics

Whether you’re a Jewish professional, educator or volunteer leader, get Jewish genetics curriculum resources here.

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Medical Professionals
For Medical Professionals

Medical professionals play a key role in education and support regarding genetic disorders and hereditary cancers. Learn more about how we can work together to help your patients.

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Personal Stories

Browse stories from real people affected by BRCA mutations and a few of our screening program participants to better understand common Jewish genetic health issues.

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Blog and Articles

See the latest news and educational resources related to Jewish genetics.

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Medical Professionals
Educational Events

It’s our mission to educate and raise awareness within the community. Click below to see some of our upcoming events.

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Personal Stories

Zach’s Story (Video)

Zach’s sister, Alexa, was diagnosed with breast cancer as a young woman. Her diagnosis spurred the family to examine their health history and ultimately led to the discovery of a BRCA mutation that had been passed down from Zach’s grandfather. Watch Zach's story.

Alyssa’s Story (Video)

Alyssa knew about her family history of cancer and her personal risk of a BRCA mutation. After several years of screenings and consideration, she decided to undergo a risk-reducing operation before having children. Watch Alyssa's story.

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Planning for a Family?

Our affordable, accessible carrier screening program allows most participants to get screened from home.

Genetic Disorder Screening

Concerned About Cancer Risk?

We offer guidance on hereditary cancer risk assessments and information about where to get counseling and screening.

Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment
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